What Is Go Dutch Today?

Go Dutch Today (GDT) is a dating mobile app comprised of a community of people that understand that each person will be fiscally responsible for their portion of the date or outing. GDT is different from other dating services because it levels the playing field between men and women by neutralizing the financial aspect, which allows for more meaningful connections between our members.


“Our goal is to provide better quality dating opportunities by empowering women.”



How does it work?

We are glad you asked.

1) Download the app

Go Dutch Today will be available in the App Store Summer 2016 and in the Google Play Store by Fall 2016.

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Sign up using one of your social media accounts or email. Then customize your profile based on your interest.


It's as simple as 1,2,3. Like dates, Match with other users, Split the cost.


Sign up to know about the app launch and events

The Go Dutch Today App will go live on iOS this summer. Sign up and be the first to know once the app is live. We're also be having a number of events happening that we want to invite you to as well.